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August 2021: Product Release

Our August product release is here. Watch below!

Copy Feature

T&M Tracking:

  • Now you have the ability to copy T&M tickets and authorizations from the web interface. From the T&M dashboard, use the new copy button to create a duplicate of an existing ticket confirmed by a pop-up note. 
  • Choose to edit the ticket later or open it right away and make any needed changes to the copy. Edit any tickets' general information, saved time and material, or add to exiting pictures and documents. Then preview to see your changes. 
  • This copy feature also functions on your Authorizations tab, as well as most of the other navigational T&M tabs.  


  • You can copy any eForm. The copy button in eForms will set the duplicate to the Draft status with the current date. 
  • Edit captured data with new information, then sign or send for signature. 

Field Material Request:

  • You’ll also find the copy button in the Purchasing menu for Field Material Request. Copies are given the current date, set to Draft status, and allow for material and attachment edits as needed. 

eForms: New Section Type

  • Now we have a new section type for eForms called Text. After entering a section name and instructions, this text section type allows you to add a larger “statement type” of a paragraph without the addition of the comment section.
  • Use this text box for company policy, HR, or COVID Health Assessment statements. Combine the use of the text box with other section types like employee signature to help employees acknowledge they’ve read and understood the statements presented.  

Project Notification Contact List

  • Finding it hard to keep track of all the newly added projects? Make good use of our New Project Notification contact list found in the Admin Workflow menu button.
  • Add any email addresses of company employees who should be notified when a new project has been set up. No registration is required. 

PlanGrid Integration Updates

  • From the Project’s edit button, you can now easily connect your PeerAssist project to your PlanGrid project with the new Connect button in the PlanGrid section.
  • Click the button to see a list of your PlanGrid projects, then make your selections quickly.
  • Once connected, use the View PlanGrid Tasks button to see all connected Authorizations, T&M Tickets, eForms, and Field Material Requests associated with specific tasks all in one place. You may delete connections from here as well.