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February 2021: Product Release

Product update for February 2021

New Item Selection for Material in SiteForms 

We are excited to introduce a new feature in SiteForms! Our February release includes the addition of an Item Selection section type. This new section provides the ability to select from your project material or company-level material list when filling out a form.

You will find this new section useful for:

  • Filling out and submitting a field material request.
  • Entering the equipment used on your Daily Job report.
  • Keeping track of your job site tool inventory with the ability to make a fresh copy of the report each week and noting any tools that are damaged or returned to the shop.  
  • Reporting any Equipment Damage that has occurred

As part of this release, we have included a new set of standard pre-configured forms in your Admin > Forms list:

  • Field Material Request
  • Equipment Usage Report
  • Equipment Damage Report
  • Incident Investigation
  • Tool Inventory