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How to Mark a Task on a PlanGrid Sheet

To connect PeerAssist T&M Work Orders to PlanGrid Tasks, you'll need to know how to mark or assign a task to a PlanGrid sheet. This article explains how to do that. PlanGrid also offers tutorials on their website which we encourage you to watch.

  • From your PlanGrid account, open your desired sheet. 
PlanGrid Sheet
  • Click on the Task icon from the menu toolbar.
  • Choose a Stamp.
PlanGrid Task icon
  • Stamp the sheet where needed.
Marked Task on Plangrid

  • Fill in the details.
Marking a Task on PlanGrid

  • Add a photo if needed.
Adding a photo on plngrid to task

  • Click Done when finished.


  • PlanGrid Article and Tutorials can be found on the PlanGrid site by clicking Help Center.

PG Help Center Button

  • Click on the Tasks article button.

PG HelpCenter Tasks Button

  • Select "Viewing, Creating and Editing Tasks".

PG Help Center Tasks Article

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