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Introduction to the GC Portal

Learn how to manage, control and review all your subcontractor extra work using the PeerAssist GC Portal.

Table of Contents


GC Portal Overview 1.7.21

Overview of the PeerAssist GC Portal

The PeerAssist GC Portal offers a view of all your subcontractor work as it occurs. For any subcontractor-connected project, as soon as a new ticket is created, it will display in the GC Portal and the costs for that work will be tracked.  Some features that our GC Portal offers:

  • Connect your project to all subcontractor projects that are involved with your project and so you get an immediate view of all the costs for your project.
  • View all backup documentation and images of the work as it progresses.
  • View the PlanGrid issue the work is attached to and the plans if you are using the PlanGrid integration.
  • Manage the project trade rates and lock them so that all pricing for labor is accurate.
  • Manage the material/equipment/rentals lists on projects, lock pricing for these lists and share with your subcontractors.
  • Set up your list of PCOs/Change Events using our Reference Numbers and share those with your subcontractors so that your reference numbers are used for every work item in the process. Set close dates for your work to establish deadlines for submission of work.
  • Organize and group Subcontractor work in any way you need. 
  • Export a filtered list of extra work to send progress reports to your Owners as needed.
  • Create an Owner Change Order package.  Select subcontractor request for change orders  and create a complete package with all backup documentation in the click of a button.

Log in to the PeerAssist GC Portal

Login to the PeerAssist GC Portal by going to https://gc.mypeerassist.com/

  • After login, you will be prompted to confirm your account and the default view for your account will display.
  • Add a signature.
  • Enter your Job Role.
  • Change your password.
Account settings

To find out how to set up your default view, go to Setup your account.

T&M Dashboard

The T&M dashboard shows all the work that is being performed by your connected subcontractors.

There are 2 main types of work that will show here:

  • Authorizations -  Authorization tickets are a way for subs to request prior authorization for extra work. These will have an "R" at the beginning of the number and consists of the following steps:
    • Requested - Any new work that the subcontractor has sent to you for approval will show in this step.
    • Approved  - When an authorization for proposed work is approved, it means that you have given the sub permission to perform and track work on a T&M ticket. The Authorization will be converted to a Field Work ticket. It is not a final approval of the work or a Change Order approval.
    • Rejected - All work that is rejected. 
  • Field Work - All Field Work tickets that are in progress or have been completed show as FWOs. The steps for FWOs are:
    • Entry - The extra work is currently underway and the subcontractor is logging labor and materials - you are able to see the costs as they build and have a ROM field to compare.
    • Pending Changes- The extra work was sent for Signature but was sent back for adjustments to the tag.
    • Pending Signature - The extra work has been completed and has been sent electronically for your review and signature. This is also sent in an email to review and sign from there, but the GC Portal allows you to review the details in more depth.
    • In Progress - The extra work has been completed and the GC has signed the tag and the subcontractor is currently pricing the work.
    • Change Order Request- The extra work has been priced and sent as a change order request.
    • GC rework - You have the control to reject a request for a change order and ask for changes to the package and for the subcontractor to resend it.
    • Change Order Issued - When you issue a change order for a change order request you can update the subcontractor with the change order number.
    • Invoice Received- The subcontractor can also create a service work tag and submit an invoice for the work performed instead of a request for change order. 
    • Invoice Paid - Any invoice that has been paid, can be updated to this status and the subcontractor will see this as well.
    • No Charge - Subcontractors may perform work and submit it as no charge and this allows you to keep track of this work.
Auth and Ticket Filter

Filters and Columns

All pages on the GC Portal have advanced filtering with the ability to select and re-order the columns of information you wish to view.

These selections and their order will be reflected on the information page when exported.


  • Click on the Filter option on the page you are viewing to see all the filtering options. For this example we will show the T&M Tracking Dashboard.


  • The list of all the filter options will show and filter tags will display as more choices are selected.

Selected Filters

  • Clicking Clear Filters will reset the page to the default filter options. 


  • Click on the Columns button on the page you are viewing. For this example we will show the T&M Tracking Dashboard.

  • The selected columns will show first in alphabetical order and can be unchecked to remove them from view. 

  • Scroll down the list to view the remaining columns that are not selected. Check them to add to your view. 

  • Click on Apply to save your changes.

  • Columns can be re-ordered and re-sized as needed. Click on the column and drag it into the order you want to view.
  • For example, before: move the status to the left.

  • After: the status is moved.

GC Portal Home Page

The home page for the GC Portal contains summary information for each project that is active.

  • Click on the Analytics icon to go to the home page and view the information.


The projects can be clicked on to drill down to the details of the Field Work.

The home page is a good overview of what is in progress and what projects need action.

    Move on to reviewing the detailed information on a Field Work Ticket.

    Now that you can navigate around the dashboard and understand some of the features of the GC Portal, let's get into the details that show on a Field Work ticket.

    Go to Receiving and creating new subcontractor Field Work Tickets to understand how new work shows up on the GC Portal.

    Go to Authorizations for the GC to learn about how prior authorizations for work can be submitted and approved.