Invite Your Subcontractors

Learn how to invite your subcontractors to use the PeerAssist platform and connect to their projects to view the work being performed as it happens.

Table of Contents


Invite a new Subcontractor

  • Navigate to the Subcontractors menu choice.

  • Click on Add New Subcontractor

  • The Subcontractor you wish to invite may already be using the PeerAssist Platform and will show up in the list with a check box to select them if you choose. This is just a subset of our customers shown here.

  • Select as many subcontractors as you wish to invite and scroll to the bottom of the list and click Save.

  • If you cannot find your subcontractor in the list you can invite them by entering the name of the contact and the name of the company.

  • After clicking Save, an invite email will be sent to the subcontractors with a link to sign up OR instructions on how to confirm the invite.
  • This is an example of the invite email sent to the Subcontractor.

  • The status of invited subcontractors will show in the subcontractor list. Any that have not accepted the invite will show as Pending.

Import your Subcontractors

  • Click on the "..." and the Download Template option.

  • A CSV file will be downloaded that you can open in MS Excel.
  • Add your subcontractors to this file.

  • The fields are as follows: (R = Required, O is optional)
    • Subcontractor Email Address (R) - Add the emails of the contact you wish to add and if we find them in our database, we will connect them to an existing subcontractor account. 
    • Subcontractor Name (R) - The subcontractor company name.

If at any time you need help, we are happy to take your own list that you may have exported from your ERP and create a PeerAssist compatible subcontractor list for you to upload. Please contact and attach your list and we will take it from there.

  • Save the subcontractor import file as a CSV.
  • Click on the "..." and select Import

  • Browse to the subcontractor CSV file you just saved, select it, and click Upload CSV

  • There will be a green message that pops up if your subcontractor list passes validation and it will be uploaded into the system.

If you receive a red validation issue, it is typically because there is a missing mandatory field in the file. If you need help please reach out to and send a copy of your spreadsheet. We will be happy to review and let you know what to do. 

Mark a Subcontractor as inactive 

  • Click on the Action "..." on the subcontractor line and select Inactive for the subcontractor you wish to mark as inactive. After marking them as inactive, the work they are performing will no longer show on the dashboard.

    Delete a Subcontractor 

    • Click on the Action "..." on the subcontractor line and select Delete for the subcontractor you wish to delete. 

    After deleting them, the connection to the subcontractor will no longer exist. You can invite them again at a later date and the work will show up again for connected projects. 

      Your Subcontractors are set up!

      Well done - your Subcontractors have been set up. You can now Set up your projects.