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March 2021: Product Release

Product update for March 2021

Our March release contains enhancements to make your SiteForms more customizable and includes the next step toward our Purchasing module which is coming later this spring.


  • When configuring your form layout, you can now set the default action for each form, so you can guide the field team to either send the form for signature or simply mark the form complete when they are filling out a form on mobile.
  • In addition, we have added settings to Show Project Team and Show GC Team emails. This dictates the list of emails shown when the users are completing their forms and is helpful to reduce the email clutter and in turn, send out only the emails that are important for your team, or the GC team, to see.
  • The file name on all SiteForms forms has been updated to include the form number and form date, in addition to the project number and form name that was already a part of the naming convention. This provides better visibility into the contents of the file when downloading the forms.

Export Enhancements

We have also added new Export options to multiple locations within the web interface.

  • In SiteForms, the Export Forms button allows you to export completed forms all from one spot, in one single step instead of downloading individual copies from the completed form email. Employees and User Accounts also have new Export buttons for easier review of the information you have entered.

Vendor Maintenance

  • Finally, in our next step toward implementing the Purchasing module later this spring, we have added Vendor maintenance to our Admin menu.
  • The vendors can be imported and maintained just like our Customer maintenance interface. Please make sure to update the app on your mobile devices to take advantage of the new SiteForms features.