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November 2021: Product Release

The PeerAssist development team has some exciting updates to our new Purchasing module, as well as some minor changes to tidy up your dashboard view.  Please read on and watch the video for more information.



Dashboard Updates 


Where did my User Roles & Permissions go?  

Things might look a little different in the User Accounts screen: we have collapsed the Roles & Permissions so you can easily view your registered users.  Just click to open and close the User Roles menu to view and edit as needed.   

Where did the Edit button go?  

You may notice that the Edit button has been removed from the eForms and Purchasing dashboard, but you can still click into the green status button to update forms and POs when necessary.    

PO Processing dashboard now shows “Ordered by” detail 

When viewing purchase orders in PO Processing, the person who placed the order will be displayed on the dashboard view.  We hope this will help streamline communication if multiple teams are involved in the purchasing workflow, as well as enhance your ability to sort, filter and export information.   


Purchasing: Send for Quote

You now have the ability to create a PO and send it to multiple vendors for a quote!  The PO will display with Sent for Quote status on the PO Processing dashboard.  You can manage vendor quotes within the purchase order in the new Quote Details section, where you will also find our handy Use Prices indicator to populate the vendor and pricing on the purchase order.      

Purchasing & Receiving

You will find a new tab in the Purchasing dashboard for receiving orders where you can:  

  • View PO's with statuses of  Not Received and Partially Received
  • Toggle to view items received, items remaining, or all items
  • Input quantities per line item or use the convenient Receive All button
  • Add a note and adjust the date if necessary.
  • Attach supporting documentation such as a packing slip
  • Sign & submit the “Receiver” to notify the project team

Foreman can also receive material from the mobile app in the field with the same convenient Receive All button, but you can submit as many receivers as are required to account for partial deliveries and shortages - if the incorrect amount is received, simply submit another receiver and deduct the amount necessary to balance the order.       


We are excited about the new features available to our Purchasing customers. If you have any questions or need assistance, please reach out to us at support@peerassist.com.