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July 2021: Product Release

Our July product release is here. Let's check it out!


eForms: Employee Selection Types

A new addition to PeerAssist eForms collection has arrived! We are happy to welcome the new employee section type to PeerAssist eForms. Find these updated options in the new standard eForms.

  • Employee Selection type allows you to select employees from a pre-loaded list or manually enter an employee’s name. Use this section, for example, to list all employees who worked on-site for the week, or who are approved to use special equipment. 
  • Employee Selection with Signature type allows your employees to sign next to their name with a supporting date and time stamp. 

Try out these new section types on:

  • Jobsite Attendance Sheet: List the names of people who worked on-site for any range of dates, then capture their signatures in check-in/check-out and lunch break sections.  
  • Tailgate Meeting with Attendance: Plan your tailgate meetings, list your employees, then have them sign off to acknowledge they attended. 
  • Accident Report: After describing the details of the accident and collecting the names of eyewitnesses, ask them to sign your report as proof that they were present. 
  • OSHA Interim Guidance for Ventilation Acknowledgement: All companies who were sent these updated requirements can use this form to report that they have received and read the updates. This form is geared toward California companies, but feel free to copy, edit and rename for your own local requirements. 
  • Employee Self Certification of Vaccination Status: Uses the new signature option to allow your employees to update their vaccination status or acknowledge that they decline to answer. 


T&M Custom Exports

This tool allows you to select and arrange the data fields any way you need to so you can extract, share, analyze, or import them into other systems. Just

Click on Export Excel to make your custom selections. This custom export feature can also be found in our eForms and Purchasing apps.