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Receiving and Creating New Field Work Tickets

Learn how new Field Work tickets will show up on your GC Portal T&M Dashboard.

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Receiving a new Field Work Ticket

When your subcontractor(s) start a new Field Work ticket, you will receive an email notification that new work is in progress. 

This email can be switched off if you do not want to receive it and only use the GC Portal to view new Field Work tickets.

The subcontractor can add images of the work and will start entering labor and materials. All of this information will be visible to you as soon as the work is started so you can track the costs and progress of the work at all times. 

If you do not want the subcontractor to start work without prior authorization, you can use the Authorization Request process to mandate they submit for authorization beforehand. Review Authorizations for more details of this process.

Work that involves multiple subcontractors can also be viewed as one entity if you link the work through a GC reference (PCO number/Change Event). You will be able to track the overall cost, progress of the work, material usage and communicate to make sure that the work is completed correctly and within budget.

  • This is an example of a PCO item that involves multiple subcontractors. Filter to the GC Reference to see all in-process tag work across all subcontractors. Current Status and Grand Total $$ cost are also visible. 

Creating a New Field Work Ticket

You can direct extra work from the GC Portal and create a new Work Order ticket and assign it to multiple subcontractors.

  • Click on the T&M Management view from the menu.

T&M Tracking menu button

  • Click on New

  • Enter the details of the new work.

New Ticket

  • The fields are as follows (R = Required, O = Optional):
    • Project (R) - Select the project that the work is for.
    • Subcontractors (R) - Select one or more subcontractors who will be performing the work
    • GC Reference (O) - Enter a reference number to keep track of this work (optional but recommended). This can be your PCO # or Change Event #.
    • Description (R) - This is a brief summary of the work.
    • Expanded Description (R) - This is a more detailed description of the work.
    • Type (R) - this is the type of work being performed. The default is a tag. Choices are:
      • Ticket - This is a T&M Work Order ticket that will result in a Change Order Request.
      • Service Work - This is for Service Work that will result in an Invoice.
      • Request for Price - This is for any change event that is outside of a simple tag. The subcontractor can attach an estimate for the work and submit it for a change order. 
    • Attach to Group (O) - Group the extra work and organize it into groups of work if needed. 

This is useful if you plan to send in an Owner Change Order Request for a group of PCOs/Change Events and need to monitor the overall cost of all the work.

    • GC Document Reference Type (O) - If you have a document that you need to reference for the extra work, it can be attached here. Select the type of GC Document that you plan to attach from the drop-down.
    • GC Document Reference (O) - Enter the  Document Reference number associated with it in the document that will be attached. This is another way of keeping your work organized. The subcontractor will see the document you attach. 
    • Attach (O) - Click on Attach to browse and attach a document.
  • After entering the information, click Save. A new Work Order ticket will be created for each subcontractor and show on your dashboard.

This will send an email to all the subcontractors selected with the details of the new Work Order. It will also show up on the project team's dashboard and the foreman's mobile device, where they can start adding their pictures and tracking the labor and material costs immediately.

You're off to a great start!

Now that you know how to create and view new Work Order ticket let's move onto reviewing the details of the Field Work tickets, go to Reviewing Field Work Ticket Details - GC Portal.