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Sign and Send a Field Material Request for Electronic Approval

After filling out a Request, now you are ready to sign it and send it for approval.

Table of contents


Completing and Signing your Request

  • Preview the form before signing.
  • Select Action Type and click Submit Request.

Signature option

  • Tap to Sign the request.

Tap to sign

  • Enter a Signature Note if needed.

Signature note

  • Tap Confirm (Typical) or Make a Copy? (Optional) 
    • Confirm: Confirms your signature choice and proceeds to the next step.
    • Make a Copy?: Confirms your signature choice, proceeds to the next step while simultaneously duplicating the request on to your dashboard in the Draft step. After completing the signature confirmations on this current request, you may edit the details of the copied from on the View List page. This option is intended to help create requests with similar data quickly.

Confiem and Copy

  • An email form will open to allow the foreman to select the contacts who should receive the electronic signature request. Adding or Checking email addresses under the Signature Request column will set the number of required signers for this request to be marked Complete.
  • Tap on Confirm to continue.

Select emails and confirm

  • You will see a confirmation that the request was created and you will be returned to the View List Dashboard where the request will show in the Pending Signature status.

Save and Refresh

  • The Save and Refresh button helps keep your team updated with your requests. 


Electronically Signing the Request

  • The recipient will be able to see your signature with a date and timestamp at the bottom.

foremans signature

  • A signature request email will be sent with a copy of the signed request and a link to sign remotely.

Sig request email

Click to sign

  • They can click on the emailed link to add their own signature. As signatures are collected, the dashboard status will reflect the updated information and you will receive a signed copy in your inbox. The email will also let you know who signed the request and how many signatures still need to be captured. 

electronic signature captured