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What is an Authorization and how can it help with getting paid for extra work?

Table of contents

Introduction to Authorizations

 Authorizations are prior authorizations to extra work. Typically they are useful to avoid issues with getting paid for extra work when requests for change orders are submitted.

If a GC directs your foreman to perform extra work, they can submit an Authorization so that your project team can review and determine if it is a change of scope. If the team needs approval from the GC, the Authorization can be forwarded to the GC for approval.

This workflow can help mitigate issues later by providing backup documentation of the approval and the date it was approved.

  • The steps for the Authorization workflow are:

    • Entry -  This is the status when an Authorization request has been sent from the foreman to the office.

    • GC requested - when a request is forwarded to the GC it moves into this step

    • Approved - when a request is approved, it moves into this step AND the Authorization becomes a Ticket in the Entry step.

    • Rejected - An Authorization that is rejected shows in this step.

    • Canceled - An Authorization that has been approved can be canceled at any time.

Create an Authorization on the website

Refer to Create an Authorization to review the process of creating an Authorization from a mobile device.

An Authorization can also be created from the official website:

  • Navigate to T&M Management

  • Click on the Authorizations tab.

  • Click on New

  • Select the Project

  • Enter the details of the work.

  • The fields are as follows ( R = Required, O=Optional ):
    • Summary of Work (R) - A brief description of the work.
    • Description of Work (R) -  A longer description of the work ( this will appear on the ticket if the FWA is approved.
    • ROM (O) - An estimate of the cost of the work. This is useful to provide to the GC so they can understand the scope of the work.
    • Request Due Date (O): If you need a response/approval by a certain date, enter the Due date.
    • GC reference # (O): If the GC provided a reference number to use for this work ( such as PCO #123 ) then enter this here. 
    • Internal Reference (O): If your project team needs to use an internal reference number for the work, this can be used for that purpose.
    • Category (O): To categorize your work, select from the drop-down of standard items ( such as "Trade Damage" or enter your own category in the Add Category box.
    • GC Document Reference (O): If the GC provided a document reference number and an attachment, they can be added here.
    • GC Document Reference Type (O): This is the type of document that was attached.

If your GC is connected to the PeerAssist GC Portal, they can add a document and reference number to the work if needed.

  • Click on Choose File to add pictures and any backup documents.

  • Click on Save to create the Authorization.

  • A form will pop up to confirm to whom the request should be emailed. Add any emails that need to review the request and click Send.

  • An email will be sent to the internal project team indicating that a new Authorization was created. There will be links to:
    • Approve - the internal project management team can choose to approve the request if they know about the work and are confident the GC will approve it.
    • Forward to the GC - if the project management team needs the GC to review and approve the work OR if the GC mandates that all extra work should be approved then this option should be chosen.
    • Reject - this will close the request and the work will not be tracked.

  • Click on FORWARD to the GC for approval from the email and a form will open to fill in who is sending this, an optional note, and ROM and GC Reference if applicable. Click Forward to send.

The GC contacts who will receive the email are the GC Contacts set up on the project with Approve permissions. Go to Set up your projects for more information on how to set up GC contacts on a project.

Review an Authorization

  • The Authorizations can be reviewed at any time from the dashboard. 

  • Click on the green button step to view the details of the request.  
  • The information can be edited if something needs to be changed. 

  • The Authorization can be rejected at any time, clicking on the Reject button.

  • In the Entry step, the other options are to Approve OR Forward to the GC for approval.

  • In the GC Requested step, the other option is to Approve the Authorization Request.

Selecting one of the action buttons above from the website will result in an email form opening, where a note can be entered and emailed.

Approve an Authorization

  • The email that is sent to the GC for approval includes 2 links so they can Approve or Reject the request.

  • When the GC clicks on Approve, a form will display and they can fill in their name, an approval note, and click Confirm

  • If the GC approves the request, the Authorization will be converted to a Ticket and the backup of the approval will be attached to the Ticket along with all the information entered on the Authorization. The Authorization will move into the approved status.

A PDF of the Authorization Approval is attached to the Ticket and shows on the foreman's iPad as backup documentation. This PDF can be included in the Request for Change Order letter as a backup of the original approval for the work to be done.