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Grouping Your Tickets into One Request for Change Order

Learn how to group tickets and send a group as a Request for Change Order.

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Creating groups for your tickets is a helpful way to track extra work that is related, or for sending a Request for Change Order for a list of tickets at any time.

Tickets can be grouped at any stage while in progress and can be added and removed from groups at any stage while in progress.

Create a ticket group

  • To add a group click on Add Group

  • Select a Project and click Create

  • Fill in the Group Information and click Create Group

  • A green confirmation will display indicating that the group has been created. 

Add a ticket to a group

  • To attach a ticket to a group, click on Attach to Group on the ticket row.

  • Select a group from the drop-down and click Attach to Group

  • All the tickets that are active for the project will show up along with the checked tickets that you are adding to the group. This is to allow you to select all the other tickets that are to be included in the group as well.


  • Scroll to the bottom of the form and click on Attach to Group to confirm your selections.

  • Click on Save to save the group settings.


  • The group number will show on the ticket row.

Remove a ticket from a group

  • To remove a ticket from a group, click on the group number.

  • Scroll to the bottom of the group form and locate the ticket you wish to remove from the group and click Delete and then Save.


This is NOT deleting the ticket, is just removing it from the group.

Send a Request for Change Order for a group

A request for change order can be sent for the group of tickets you create.

  • Refer to Create a Change Order for detailed instructions on how to preview and send the Request for Change order to your GC.
  • The request for change order letter for a group will contain a list of all the tickets included in the group, the total price of each ticket, and a grand total.

  • Click on ANY TICKET in the group to preview and send the letter.

  • In this example, the 3 tickets in this group will show on the cover letter page.
  • The letter will also contain a detailed pricing breakdown for each ticket OR a summarized breakdown of the group.

The pricing breakdown that is included in the letter can be set to Individual or Summary on the project. Go to Configure Pricing for more information.