T&M Workflow Settings

This article explains the settings that can be configured for the T&M workflow.

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Review Your T&M Workflow Settings

If you are not using the T&M Management workflow, this can be skipped.

  • Navigate to the Admin> Workflows

  • Set your company's Starting Ticket Number. This defines the format of your ticket numbering and it can be overridden at the project level if needed. For example, 000001 will set the format of your ticket numbers to be 6 digits. PCO-0001 will set the format to be PCO-0001, PCO-0002, etc. for your tickets as they are created. 

  • Switch Authorization Request on or off at the company level. This setting allows you to switch of the Authorization feature if you will never use it for your company. This feature allows your foreman to get prior authorization for extra work in the field. If you are not sure if you will use this feature, leave it switched on and you can come back later to adjust as needed. 

  • Click on Configure Emails to set up which emails you want to use for your company. This can be overridden at the project level. For example, if you never want to see emails for Tickets created, you can switch this off at the company level and then set it for the one or 2 projects that you wish to see them. 

This can be skipped until you are more familiar with the emails and you can fine-tune your settings at any time. 

  • Each email can be switched on or off depending on whether you want your internal team and/or the General Contractor to see the emails.
  • Click Save after you have made your selections.  

Configure Your T&M Pricing 

Company-level pricing can be set up to set the default template for all projects to inherit from. This can be changed at any time and all new projects will inherit this pricing structure.

If you do not know your company pricing and structure, this section can be skipped and returned later. 

The Company Level and Project Level Pricing are very similar, please click on this article for more details:

Configure Pricing

Service Work Settings

If you choose to use the Service Work module for tracking service work and creating invoices,  there is a standard text for the cover letter that can be set up for your company.

  • Scroll to the Service Work Settings on the Workflow page.
  • Edit the Service Report Title - this will be what shows on your service work report when the work has been completed.
  • Edit the Service Invoice Text - this will be the text that shows up on the cover letter when the invoice for work performed is sent.  

Change Order Letter Settings

When a request for a change order letter is sent, there is a standard text in the letter that can be set up for your company. 

  • Scroll to the Change Order Letter Settings on the Workflow page.
  • Review the settings and adjust as needed.
  • Click Preview Letter to see what your letter will look like.

This text is the default text and your project managers can choose to override it and add additional notes per ticket that are processed. 

  • Scroll to the bottom of the workflows page and click Save.