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Where can I find my login info?

Login information

Account Administrator

When your account is setup you will receive a registration email with your user name and password, along with some articles and links to sign up for training. 

If you do not receive a login email, please check your spam/junk folder to make sure it did not show up there. If you need assistance, contact support@peerassist.com and we can check your account details. 


Your login name is the full email address with which you were registered by your account administrator. For example, John Doe who works for Sample Company would use the sign-in name of jdoe@samplecompany.com.

Your password is provided to you in your Successful Registration email. After you have been registered by your account manager, you will receive an email with your User Name which is your company email, and a temporary password, which is a series of random letters and/or numbers. Use this to log in then change your password under Manage Account.

  • If you receive an “Error Authenticating” message after entering your email address, it is possible that you are not registered. Check with your account manager to verify you have been correctly registered.