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Why don’t I see an Authorization Request Number or ticket number when entering details for a new ticket?

Authorization/Ticket Number

  • An Authorization Request number or Ticket number will be assigned to a new ticket after you enter all your details, tap or click on “Create”, then tap on “Save and Refresh” to complete the command and generate an Authorization or Ticket number.
  • The format of your Authorization/Ticket number can be defined at the company level and also at the project level.

Check your Ticket Application Settings

  • Navigate to Admin -> Workflow

  • Set your company's Starting Work Item Number. This defines the format of your tag numbering and it can be overridden at the project level if needed. For example, 000001 will set the format of your tag numbers to be 6 digits. PCO-0001 will set the format to be PCO-0001, PCO-0002, etc. for your tags as they are created.