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Reviewing Ticket Details - GC Portal

Review the details of Field Work tickets and the actions that can be taken in each step.

Table of Contents


Field Work tickets are broken out into different tabs of information and can be reviewed at any time.

  • Click on the line of a Field Work ticket you wish to review. The details are organized into tabs.

Information Tab

  • The information entered when creating the new Field Work ticket displays in this tab.  


  • Click on the "..." and select Edit to make changes.

Actions on info tab

  • The GC is able to make some changes to connected subcontractor Field Work tickets and modify the following fields:
    • GC Reference - Enter a reference number to keep track of this work (optional but recommended). This can be your PCO # or Change Event #.
    • GC Document Reference - If you have a document that you need to reference for the extra work, it can be attached here. Enter the Document Reference number associated with it in the document that will be attached. This is another way of keeping your work organized. The subcontractor will see the document you attach. 
    • GC Document Reference Type -  Select the type of GC Document that you plan to attach from the drop-down.

    The other fields on the information tab are controlled by the subcontractor, but if you need anything to change, a communication note can be sent to the subcontractor to request changes as needed.

    • To save the changes click Save.

    Subcontractor Tab 

    This view only tab displays information for the sub that created the ticket.

    Sub con tab-1

    Ticket Information

    This view only tab displays general information that will show on the ticket. It is entered by the subcontractor.

    Ticket Info Tab


    All images and backup documentation are displayed here.

    • Click on Add Attachment to add any attachments that you wish to include in this work. This could be detailed instructions or plan documents. Any supporting images the sub has attached to the ticket will also be visible here.

    Images tab

    • Click on Choose File, select a file and click Save.


    All the labor hours as they are being added will show up on this tab for your review. 

    Labor Hours tab

    It is not necessary to review each Field Work ticket in such detail, but if you notice on your dashboard a ticket that is running higher than expected costs, this offers transparency of information so you are able to communicate with the subcontractor to avoid issues. 


    All material that is being used will show up here as soon as it is entered by the foreman.

    Material Tab

    The material pricing does not show when the Field Work ticket is in the Entry Step. When the tag has been signed and a request for a change order is sent, you will be able to see all the detailed pricing information.

    • This is an example of material detailed pricing after the Change Order Request has been sent.

    Material tab with pricing

    Billing Items

    The subcontractor may bill for additional costs on the Field Work tickets such as rentals, disposal, or supervision fees and these are broken out on the Billing Items tab.

    • This is an example of the Billing Items tab and this only shows when the subcontractor submits a Change Order Request. These are examples of some possible billing items.

    Billing Items tab

    Pricing Summary

    The summary of all the costs and the breakdown of overhead and profit shows on this tab and only shows when the subcontractor submits the Change Order Request.

    Pricing summary tab


    To communicate and keep an audit trail of those communications between your internal team and your subcontractors, the notes tab is an easy way to achieve this. 

    • Click on "..." and Add Note to add a new note

    add note tab 

    The notes option is only available in the Entry, In Progress and GC Rework steps when there is active work/pricing going on.

    • Enter a note and then select whom to share this note with. It will automatically default to share the note with everyone within the account, but without emailing it. Notes can be viewed in both the Sub and GC portals.

    • The options for sharing the note are:
      • Internal Team View Only - Selecting this option will make the note only viewable by your GC internal team.
      • Do Not Email - Choose not to email the note.
      • Email Internal Only -  Email the note but only send this to your GC internal team contacts.
      • Email Entire team - Email this note to the entire team. If you select this option, the note cannot be for internal team view only.
    • Click on Save and the note will show in the list.

    Start processing subcontractor work!

    Now that you know how to navigate and view the details of the work when an electronic request for signature comes in, you will be able to review and sign. Go to Signing/Rejecting a Field Work Ticket - GC Portal for more details on how to process these requests.

    If you need to review and process a Change Order Request go to Approve/Reject a Change Order Request - GC Portal for more details.