Set Your Default View

Did you know you can designate which screen you land on each time you login?

This is such a helpful feature since you may subscribe to just one of our modules, or if there is a menu that you navigate to the most. Set your default landing page so that each time you log in, it takes you to that part of the platform!


  • T&M users may want to land on the Authorization Request tab or Field Work in Progress
  • A PM using Purchasing might want to land on the Field Material Request or Material Release tab
  • A purchasing agent might want to land on the PO Processing tab


Set your default view

  • Navigate to Account Settings by clicking on your initials in the lower left corner



  • Use the Default View Type dropdown to select the preferred screen 

The options for this setting are: 

    • Authorizations  - Authorization Requests pending approval to track T&M on a ticket
    • Field Work In Progress - Tickets in all stages before a change order request is sent 
    • Service Work - All service work tickets
    • Request for Price - priced work outside of T&M
    • Change Order Log - All executed tickets and priced work (change orders sent) as well as Tracking Only and No Charge tickets that have been closed out.
    • My Own View - This is a custom view tab that allows you to save filters that pull information from all tabs
    • eForms - All the forms that are in process and completed. 
    • Purchasing - Field Material Request - Lands on the Requests in Progress tab
    • Purchasing - Material Release - Lands on open PM Material Releases
    • Purchasing - PO Processing - Lands on Purchase Orders in all stages
    • Purchasing - Receiving - lands on open orders that have not been received


You can come back and change this setting at any time!