How can I send a form to a certain person every time it's filled out?

Yes! Form Contacts make it possible to designate who should receive a copy of a completed form, on every project.

A button for Form Contacts are found within the form settings in the General section (in Admin > Forms > Edit > Form Contacts).  You can add as many contacts as you like to the form!

Some suggested uses for Form Contacts are, but not limited to:

  • sending incident/accident reports to Safety 
  • sending personnel related forms to HR
  • sending a field expense form/report to Accounting

Each time a user fills out the form (on any project), the form contact(s) will be copied on the outgoing email with a PDF attached (or linked depending on file size).  

This means the recipient will receive the form without being assigned to the project.  This will eliminate unnecessary emails for the recipient.