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June 2023: Product Release

A handful of changes that pertain to T&M Change Orders and Purchase Orders.

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Project Management: T&M and COR settings

  • Companies now have the option to require a COR# upon sending a change order request. This can be set for all projects in Admin > Workflows or on an individual basis per project: 

  • Project Managers can now set the bond percentage (or other pricing add-on) at the project level and it will be applied to all tickets for that project.  The add-on can be modified as needed during the pricing stage.

  • There is a new field to enter the GC CO# when marking change order requests Approved to track the COR# and GC CO# separately.


Procurement: shipping locations and PO notes/attachments

  • Set a default PO Note and/or Attachment at the project level to include on/with every purchase order for that project: 

  • Add alternate shipping locations in Admin > Workflows to easily change the ship-to info on the purchase order.