Why won't my list upload?

Are you running into roadblocks with your list import? Here are some troubleshooting tips to help you with a successful upload.

Whether you're importing 

  • Material list
    • Latest release should point out fields with errors that aren't imported
    • Unit of measurement matches guidelines (LF, SF etc.)
  • Project list
    • Customer and Users should already exist in their respective lists
  • Employee (and User) list
    • differentiate users on employee list import
  • Vendor list
    • no $ sign in price column
    • Must have .00 in the price format
    • only 2 digits after decimal in price
  • Customer list

Date format - does it matter?

Common troubleshooting tips

  • Spaces where they shouldn't be
  • Date and Numbers in the wrong format 
  • Double check column headers name/spacing 
  • TIP: copy/paste the heading from the template