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May 2023: Product Release

This month's release includes several improvements that were suggested by our users!

Project Management: T&M

When grouping multiple T&M tickets onto a single Change Order Request, the package will now be organized as follows: 

  • Cover letter with total amount
    • Ticket 1: Labor/Material Breakdown
    • Ticket 1: signed tag
    • Ticket 1: photo and signed authorization request backup, if applicable
      • Ticket 2: Labor/Material Breakdown
      • Ticket 2: signed tag
      • Ticket 2: photo and signed authorization request backup, if applicable
        • Ticket 3: Labor/Material Breakdown

...and so forth.



  • On the Requests in Progress dashboard you can view who an FMR was "Requested by" 
  • If a project has a tax% entered, then all PO items will automatically have the tax checkbox marked.  There is also a new option to "select/deselect all" tax boxes.
  • When adding custom items to a Purchase Order, the Unit, Pricing and Quantity Types will default to "Each" and can be updated as needed.
  • When Exporting information in PO Processing you can include to show the "Manufacturer" field on your reports.
  • When the vendor "price refresh" is used, any PO items that have a corresponding item WITH price on the vendor's list will be updated, and if the vendor does not have a price for the item or the item is not on their list, the price will revert to $0.