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Receiving Material on the Mobile App

Manage material orders by marking items received!

To receive against a material order from the My Projects starting page, tap on the +New button for the appropriate project, and select Receive Material

  • Or, tap anywhere in the project row and find the Receiving tab. 
  • In the Receiving tab you will find a list of orders for that project

  • When a PO has been issued, the details will show up in the Receiving tab on the mobile.  The foreman can see the PO#, vendor, date of order and ETA, and status among other things. 
    • Not Received = no material has been received
    • Partially Received = some material has been received
  • Tap on the order to begin receiving items
  • When you open the Receiver you can adjust the date and add notes and photos
  • Tap Edit Details to begin receiving material


  • All items on the order will be listed for you to receive against in the Current Receiving column
  • Order Qty column = the total amount on the order
  • Prior Rec'd Qty = any amounts already marked as received

  • Use the Receive All button to populate the Current column with all remaining quantities
  • Use the eraser to clear the entry if needed
  • You can also tap into the Current cell for the item to bring up the items details and input the quantity or add a note 
  • Save the entry to go back to the item list


  • When all items received are reflected on the receiver, tap to Submit Receiver
  • Sign the receiver and Confirm 
submit receiver

  • Your internal team distribution will display
  • Select/deselect or +add emails as needed
  • Confirm to notify the team that material has been received
  • Don't forget to Save & Refresh to sync changes with the desktop app

  • After receiving material, you will go back to the project dashboard where you can:
    • tap the round arrow to Save & Refresh to push changes to the office 
    • toggle through other tabs to view/create documents
    • tap <Back to Project List to get back to the My Project dashboard