Can the GC still sign a ticket in person after it's been sent for electronic signature?

Yes, the GC can still sign on the mobile when a ticket has been sent for signature through email!

  • When a ticket is sent for electronic signature through email, it is still visible on the mobile dashboard in the Pending Signature step.

  • The fields are greyed out so you can't make any changes but you can still get it signed
  • Tap on Ticket Details to proceed with the in person signature.

  • Use the Next or Skip to Sign buttons to proceed to the signature screen 

  • Tap on the "Tap to Sign" and have them sign the ticket! Tip: They can always tap on the Preview button to see the ticket before they sign.


  • Once your ticket has been signed, it will drop off your dashboard view. If you would like to view your ticket, you can simply tap on the Ticket Library button and search for your ticket.