How to add/remove people from a project

Find out how to maintain the project team list to give users access, and update the list as team members change throughout the project.


It is common for team members to change throughout the life of a project.  Anyone who is added to a project will be able to access the projects from the desktop or mobile apps, and will be included on email distributions.  This may result in a cluttered dashboard and unnecessary emails if they are assigned to a project that doesn't pertain to them.  It's easy to manage the project team members at the project level.


Admin tip: if a field user is trying to use the mobile app and can't see the project, they most likely need to be added to the list of Project Team members


How to update team members within the project

  • Navigate to the project in Admin > Projects and click to Edit.

  • Click to open the Project Team dropdown
  • Click to select and deselect names as needed
  • Save changes to the project before closing 

A name that is highlighted is "selected" and will be included in the project team