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Set Up Your Company Material List

Upload a master material list so that the field can quickly add materials to tickets, forms and Field Material Requests. If you include the material cost, it will automate pricing and show costs accruing in real-time on the office side.

The setup of a master material list is optional but recommended. This will be the default material list for all projects, but can be modified at the project-level as well.  Learn about uploading a project-specific material list here.

Table of Contents


Import a Material List

The easiest way to create a material list is to download our template and populate it with your materials and then upload it.

  • Navigate to Admin > Materials and click on Download Template

  • Open the excel file that downloads
  • Add your material data leaving the headers and deleting the Example and Instructions lines

  • The fields are as follows: (R = Required, O is optional)


Group 1 (R) - A high-level grouping of material such as Drywall
Group 2 (R) - A secondary level grouping of material such as Track
Group 3 (R) - A third-level grouping of materials such as Slotted Track (if you do not have a third level, use the Item Description in this column as well as Item Description).
Item Code (R) - A unique code for your item - this can simply be a number if you do not have reference numbers for your items, but be sure to make it unique and do not re-use it for a different item.
Pricing Unit (R)  - Valid values are (M/C/E/P). This indicates the pricing unit m = per 1000, c = per 100, e = each and p = . This is used when the pricing is calculated in our system.
Quantity Unit (R) - This is informational only (EA, SF, SF, SY)
Unit Type (R) - This is informational and shows on the material sections in the reports and tickets.
Factor (R) - This is used in the calculations and is typically used for when an item is priced each (like screws in a box, the price may be per item but comes in a box so the factor would be 100 if you were pricing per screw and factor =1 if pricing by the box).
Manufacturer (O) - Informational only.
Price (R) - If you do not have a price, enter 0.
Cost Code (O) - if you want to track your materials by cost code, enter this field.


  • Save the material list as an excel file and Upload in Admin > Materials 

If you need assistance with importing your material list please contact Support


    Add New Materials Individually

    If you have a master material list in place but need to add additional items individually, go to Admin > Materials > New and a popup window will open for you to fill out the item details.



    Edit Materials

    You can also Edit items on the material list by choosing Admin > Materials > Edit

    • Review and edit the fields and click Save



    Export Materials

    • Click on Export
    • User the Search box if desired to narrow your list results before you export.

    A useful function of the export is to export your entire list, update the prices and then re-import. Be sure to save it as an excel file after you have made your edits to the list.

    Your materials are all set! 

    Now you can maximize efficiency by having all your project teams select the correct materials and the pricing will load automatically into your tickets.