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Set Up Vendor-Specific Pricing

PeerAssist gives you the ability to upload a vendor material list with pricing to ensure accuracy and cost savings when creating Purchase Orders.

Table of Contents

When you are first importing a vendor's material list, you will want to send them our template which you can download (and upload again) within the vendor's profile.  

To update their pricing periodically, you can export the current list for the vendor to revise to be imported again.  

Import a Vendor-Specific Material List

  • Start in Admin > Vendors and Edit the vendor's profile

  • Select the Vendor Material button and Download Template 

  • Open the .csv download
  • Either you or the vendor can format their list per the template
  • When finished, delete all the lines except the headers and vendor's data

  • The fields are as follows: (R = Required, O is optional)
Vendor Num (R) - The vendor number as defined in your vendor master. 
Group1 (R) - The Group1 Name (category)
Group2 (R) -  The Group2 Name (category)
Group3 (R) -  The Group3 Name (category)
Item Code (R) - The material item number from your master material file
Item Description (R) - The item description from your master material file
Pricing Unit (R) - Must be set to "E", "M" or "C"
Quantity Unit (R) - The UOM for ordering.  Must be set to EA, LF, SF, or SY)
Unit Type (R) - How the Item is measured. The valid options are: Bags, Boxes, Bundles, Cartons, Case, Days, Each, Gallon, HRs, Kit, LF, Pack, Pails, Piece, Pieces, Pound, Rolls, Sausage, SF, Sheets, Studs, SY, Ton, Tubes, Yard
Factor (R) - Most commonly set to 1
Manufacturer (O) - The manufacturer name
Price (R) - The price based on the Pricing unit in column G
Cost Code (O) - The job cost cost code default from within your Job Cost system
    • Save as a .csv file and upload in the vendor's profile

    If you need assistance importing the vendor material list please contact Support

    Updating Vendor-Specific Materials and Pricing

    You can request updated pricing from the vendor as needed by exporting the current list and re-importing the new version.

    • Start in Admin > Vendors and Edit the vendor you are requesting updated pricing from
    Select vendor

    • Open the Vendor Material list.
    Edit vendor - select material list
    • Select Export to generate a spreadsheet containing the current list & pricing. 
    Export vendor list
    • You will be prompted with the option to send the list directly to the vendor.
    Send to vendor option
    • You can change/add recipients and customize the message as needed.
    Email vendor
    • The vendor will receive your request with their current materials and pricing in an attached.csv file.
    email request 
    • The vendor will only be able to update the pricing column

    Reminder - all other fields are locked on the spreadsheet to ensure that the data will transfer when you go to import them back into the Vendor import.

    Update pricing

    • Go to Admin>Vendor and Edit the appropriate vendor
    • Select Vendor Material and Import the updated list 

    Import updated list


    You can export the current list and re-import the updated pricing at any time to keep your vendor's pricing current for PO Processing.