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Projects: Configure Pricing

If a project's billing criteria are different than what is set up at the company level, you can customize the T&M billing template, trade rates & material list at the project level.

Table of Contents


T&M Billing Template

New projects will default to the T&M billing template that is set up at the company level.  Billing defaults can be overridden while pricing a ticket, or you can modify the billing template at the project level so that it applies to all tickets for the project. 

  • Navigate to Admin > Projects and Edit the project you wish to modify:

  • Choose Configure Pricing:


You are now viewing the Billing Template.  On this screen you can do the following:

  • Make changes to the OH&P percentages and calculations
  • You can + Add a Category to add a new set of additional billing items unique to the project
  • You can Edit an existing category to add/edit/remove an existing item, see below.

  • For example,  you can Edit the Additional Labor Category and adjust the rate at which Supervision is charged.  If the company default is 1 hour Supervision per 8 hours worked, but on this project you can only charge 1 hour per 16 hours worked you can set that at the project level so that it is reflected on all tickets for the project.



Project-specific Trade Rates

Trade Rates can vary from project-to-project, so it is helpful to set the trade rates at the project level to ensure your tickets are priced correctly.  New projects will default to the rates set up at the company level, but it is easy to modify at the project level. This is done from within the Configure Pricing button like above.

  • Navigate to the project's billing template: Admin > Projects > Edit > Configure Pricing
  • Locate the Labor line and select Edit:

  • Within this window you can Edit/Delete existing Trades and Classes or +Add new ones
  • Input trade rates
  • Add supporting documentation



Project-specific Material List

A project-specific material list can be useful in different ways - it will allow the foreman to choose only from the materials applicable to the project, and it will make pricing tickets easier and more accurate on the office side.  The material list is managed within Configure Pricing like above.

  •  Navigate to Admin > Projects > Edit > Configure Pricing
  • Locate the Material line and select Edit:


This will display the material list which is set to the company's master list (if there is no company list in place, new projects will default to a list the PeerAssist has provided for you to work from).  Any changes you make will be saved to the project.  From here you can do the following:

  • Edit/Delete individual items or X Delete All if you wish to clear the list and start from scratch
  • Select Material - choose items from the master material list
  • Add New Item - add items one by one
  • Copy From Project - replicate a material list from another project
  • Download Template and Import Material List - create the material list in a .csv file 

For details on uploading a material list please refer to the Account Set Up: Material List.  Note that any changes made in Admin > Materials will apply at the company level, and any changes made in Admin > Projects will apply at the project level.


For an overview of all of the project settings please review Project Set Up