How is the Customer Contact different from the GC project contact?

The Customer Contact is a main point of contact and will default to all new projects. GC Project Team Members are specific to the project and are managed at the project-level. Read below to see how they interact.

  • When the Admin is setting up a new customer via Admin > Customer, they are required to input a Contact.
  • This Customer Contact will default to all new projects created with that GC.
  • Anyone listed as a GC contact on the project will be on the email distribution for various actions such as requesting signatures and sending change orders, so you may want to override the "Customer Contact" default at the project level - see below.

  • When the Admin or PM/PE is setting up a project via Admin > Projects, they can enter GC Team Members that are specific to the project.  (Once the project is created, follow the GC Contacts button to manage this information).  This will typically include, at minimum, the GC Superintendent who is signing tickets out on the jobsite, as well as the GC Project Manager who Change Order Requests will be sent to. You can list as many GC team members as you like. (More info about GC Project Team here).
  • Mark the "Default Contact" bubble to indicate who the Change Order Requests should be addressed to (typically the PM)
  • This is where you will see the default Customer Contact and Delete if necessary.