Can I prepopulate a ticket with employee names?

While you can't make employees automatically default to a new ticket, you can create a MASTER ticket with the desired employees which the foreman can COPY each time they start a new ticket!   

If you want to save your foreman time adding labor to a T&M ticket, you can set up a Master ticket with crew members already listed.   Rather than start a new ticket from scratch, the foreman can make a Copy of the Master ticket and edit the details. 

Some things to remember:

  • The Master ticket can be set up from the mobile or desktop
  • Set up a Master ticket per project to narrow down the employees listed
  • Don't add hours for the employees listed on the Master ticket since they will get duplicated on the Copy
  • Any photos, categories and reference #s on the Master ticket will be added to the Copied ticket so it's best to make sure those are blank on the Master
  • The copied ticket will default to the week-ending on the Master ticket, so the foreman will need to change the week-ending on the Copied ticket


Find the Master ticket on the mobile dash and use the Copy button to make a copy for the new ticket:


Open the Copy and update the description and details, then toggle to the Labor section where the employees will already be listed:

  • Use the red X to remove any employees that don't need to be on the ticket
  • Tap into the employee entry to change the week-ending date and add hours
  • Double check that the trade and class is correct

copy master


Proceed with adding material and getting signatures per usual!

Another way you can save time adding labor to a ticket is to group labor by trade and class rather than listing employees individually, learn more here.