Can I put something besides the employees name on a ticket?

Yes! You can list time/labor however you like. Here are some helpful tips on making custom entries on a ticket.

  • When adding time to a T&M ticket, you can select employees from the pre-loaded list, or key them in manually in the Enter Employee Name field
  • This line is helpful if there is no list in place, or you are adding a new worker who isn't on the employee list yet

It is important to separate the hours for the different trades & classes since they are tied to their respective labor rates on the backend


Did you know that you can set a ticket to show hours/week OR hours/day? 

You can make this change at the company level in Admin>Workflows or per project in Admin>Projects. See the difference below:

  • In Workflows > Configure T&M Settings > Edit Labor
  • Or in Projects > Configure Pricing > Edit Labor
  • Find the Labor Layout option

  • Select Detail to have ticket labor display per day

  • Select Summary to have ticket labor display per week


Tips to add labor faster: