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Set Up Your Projects

Learn how to do a basic project set up so that your team can begin creating tickets, eForms and purchase orders! New projects will default to the material list and pricing set up at the Admin level, but can be modified per project if needed.

You will need to have the Users and Customers set up prior to setting up a project.

Table of Contents

Start a New Project

  • Navigate to Admin > Projects and click on the New button

  • Enter the basic project information and click Continue

 Here is an overview of the basic fields for the project setup (R= required, O=optional)

    Number (R) Your internal project number
    Name (R) Project name
    Address (O) The address fields are optional but recommended.  This information will be displayed on outgoing documentation such as change order requests and purchase orders.
    Trade (O) - Select one or more trades that this project is associated with. This is informational only.
    Team (R) - At least one project team member should be selected from your list of active users.  Only team members selected will be able to view projects on the mobile or desktop version.
    Project Contact (R) - Select someone from the Project Team to be the main contact for the project, this is typically the Project Manager.
    Customer - Select the GC for the project (from a list of customers you have added)
    GC Project # (O) - Often the GC has its own project reference number. Enter it in here and it will be included in the cover letter correspondence and emails to the GC.
    • When you click Continue you will be able to access the rest of the project settings.


    If you prefer to import a list of projects rather than adding them individually, see below.  After importing projects, you can Edit the project and continue with the next steps.


    Add GC Project Team Members

    • Click on the GC Project Team Members button to set up the GC contacts for this project

    • Use the green + Add button to add as many GC contacts as needed

    • Set the Default Contact, this is who the change order requests will be addressed to (usually the GC Project Manager).

    • Check Approve to indicate the person(s) authorized to sign Authorization Requests

    • Save to go back to the Project settings screen


    Configure Pricing

    The Configure Pricing button is where you can customize the billing template for the project, and upload your project-specific material list & trade rates. If you do not make any changes, they will default to what is set up at the company level.  You can find detailed information about configuring pricing at the project level here.


    Grouped Ticket Setting

    There is a setting within the Configure Pricing button where you can indicate how you would like Grouped Tickets to appear on a Change Order Request. 

      • Individual - this will itemize all tickets on the change order request
      • Summary - this will show grouped tickets with one total on the change order request


    There is a setting within the Configure Pricing > Edit Labor where you can indicate how you want labor displayed on a change order:

      • Detail will show hours per day per employee
      • Summary will show hours per week per employee




    T&M Tracking Settings

    Below are some of the settings related to our T&M module that can be adjusted at the project level:

    • Link the project in PlanGrid (read more here)
    • Configure Project Emails - this is where you can designate which emails get sent to the GC and Internal teams
    • Indicate tax setting and tax rate
    • Indicate whether you want to include a ROM when emailing the GC about a ticket in-progress
    • Make Authorization Requests mandatory for the project
    • Set Default Work Type as Field Work (Change order requests) or Service Work (Invoices)
    • Change the starting ticket number
    • Change the number of signatures required on a ticket 
    • Turn on the Daily Signature feature (this will give the field the option to get a ticket signed daily without closing the ticket)



    Invoice Settings for Service Work

    If you will be using T&M tracking for Service Work you can adjust the payment criteria for the project.



    FMR & PO Processing Settings

    If you are using Field Material Request and/or PO Processing you can adjust the project settings here.




    You can add any documentation that you would like to associate with the project (such as the contract).  The foreman will be able to view this from the tablet as well.  

    • Choose File to select the document from your desktop and Apply Contract to save

    • You will see that there is a document attached to the project from the Project dashboard:



    Import Project List

    If you prefer to import a larger list of projects (rather than add them one by one), you can download a template to format and then Upload. Then you would Edit the imported project to access the settings referenced above.

    • Click on the Download Template button.

    • Open the .csv download and fill out the data.
    • When finished, delete the example and instructions (leave the headers and your data)

    If you need assistance importing a project list please contact Support

    • Save as a .csv file and Upload 

    Once your project is set up, you can begin creating tickets, eForms and purchase orders!


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