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My Projects Dashboard

The My Projects homepage offers analytics for all activity in the platform.

Table of Contents:

My Projects homepage

View project details and platform analytics at-a-glance in the My Projects dashboard, which can be accessed in the left margin. Set this as your homepage in Account Settings > Default view (more info here). 

My Projects Activity and Details at a glance

Activity Overview

The Activity Overview section displays charts and graphs to give project team members a overview of extra work costs and purchasing activity, broken down by various stages with totals. The pie charts show percentages, and hover to show USD$. 

  • T&M in progress, by status
  • Service Work, by status
  • Change Order Log, by status
  • Purchase Order Details, by project & status
  • Material Requests and Receivers, by status


Use the search box and/or filters to adjust the project or date rate and other preferences, and save your preferences to the "My Saved Views" dropdown for future reference.


Click directly on the charts to access a filtered view within the corresponding module.

Click on any of the charts to jump to a detailed module view



My Projects 

In the My Projects sections, users can see any projects they're assigned to. Users with admin permissions can click the Active/Inactive status button to view and modify project settings.  


The Activity Overview & Project Details sections can be collapsed/expanded as needed