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Creating Invoices for Service Work

If you are billing for work that does not need to be put on a change order request, you can track the work on a Service Work ticket and generate an invoice.


Navigate to T&M Tracking > Service Work

  • Any Service Work tickets created in the field will appear in the Entry step (or in the Pricing step if it has been signed).
  • A service work ticket can also be created from the office if needed.  In the service work tab, click New


  • After selecting the project the work is associated with, fill out the description of work
  • Notice the work type is set to Service Work


  • Once saved, you can go back into the ticket in the Entry step to add Labor & Material
  • If you need the work signed, use the Electronic Signature button to send to the GC 
  • Once signed, the ticket will appear in the pricing step and you will be able to add any additional billing items.
  • Once priced and in the Waiting for Approval step, use the Create Invoice button to generate the invoice.  You will be prompted to email it to the appropriate party.  


  • Once an invoice is sent, it will appear in the Invoice Issued step.
  • When payment is received, open the ticket and use the Invoice Paid button and it will appear in the Invoice Paid step.


If you use the Invoice Paid feature, then you can use the filters to drill into all service work in the Invoice Issued step for a particular project or GC, and Export a log of unpaid items for collection.