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Set Up Your Employees

Learn how to add employees individually as well as how to add employees and users via .csv import.

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Add Employees Individually

  • Navigate to Admin >Employees and click on New

  • Only the first and last name is required
  • An employee number is recommended
  • Save your changes

It is a good idea to include a unique employee number to keep employees with the same or similar names more easily identifiable. It is also easier when importing employees to assign a unique employee number. 

Add a List of Employees (or Users)

Employees are different from Users.  Employees are selected from a dropdown list when adding labor to a ticket or form (your Foreman and crew members); Users are assigned a Role with permissions to the PeerAssist apps (your PM and Foreman, etc). Users are managed in the User Accounts menu.

  • You can also add a list of employees and/or users by going to Admin>Employees and select Download Template

  • Open the .csv file and fill out the (R) required fields
  • When finished, leave only the headers and your employee data and delete the Example and Instructions lines 

If uploading Users you will need to populate the Email, User and Role fields. 

Each user will automatically receive a registration email upon importing. 

  • The fields are as follows: (R = Required, O is optional except as noted)
Employee First Name (R)
Employee Last Name (R)
Employee Address (O) - The full address of the employee if needed. 
Employee Phone (O)
Employee Email (O) - If you want to register the employee as a user in the system as part of this import, this field is mandatory.
Employee Number (O) - It is recommended to use an employee number to easily identify the employee but not mandatory.
User (O) - Should you want this employee to be a user. 
Role (O) - This is the role that the user will have in PeerAssist - it should exactly match one of the roles defined in Users -> Accounts (see screenshot for examples of role names).
    • Save the employee list as a CSV. and Upload in Admin > Employees

    If you need assistance uploading your employee/user list please contact Support 

    Edit an Employee & Export an Employee List

    • You can edit an employee's information as needed
      • If they are a User, edit their information and permissions in User Accounts.
    • Use the Search field if desired to customize your file export

    You are well on your way to completing your setup!