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Set Up Your Employees

Learn how to add a list of field employees for field users to select from on the mobile device.

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It is important to understand that EMPLOYEES are different from USERS:

  • The "employee" list is what populates the list of workers' names for the foreman to select from on the mobile device.
  • Adding someone as a User gives the person access to the PeerAssist platform, and their permission set is dictated by the role they are given. 

Add Employees Individually

  • Navigate to Admin >Employees and click on New

  • First and last name is required
  • Employee number is required to differentiate employees with similar names
  • Address/Phone/Email is optional
  • Trade/Class is optional and will be used in the Timecard workflow (end of 2023). It is not yet compatible with T&M Labor Rates.
  • Switch a field employee's Status from Active to Inactive to easily remove them from dropdown menus without deleting them and adding them again in the future (in the case of layoffs)
  • Save your changes

Upload a List of Field Employees 

  • You can also add a list of employees by download the template from the menu icon at the top right.

  • Open the .csv file and fill out the (R) required fields
  • When finished, leave only the headers and your employee data and delete the Example and Instructions lines 
  • Save the list and Upload in the menu icon.


If you need assistance uploading your employee/user list please contact Support 

Edit an Employee & Export an Employee List

  • Use the cog wheel to edit an employee's information as needed
  • Export your employee list from the Menu icon to cleanup in Excel, and import back into PeerAssist

You are well on your way to completing your setup!