What is the Request for Price tab on the T&M dashboard?

RFP is a place where you can keep track of priced work that's not on T&M so that all change work for the project is in the same platform. You can build a price from scratch or upload a price from your estimating software, for example.


Not all extra work is tracked on T&M! You can track priced work in Request for Price to send the same professional change order requests to the GC that you are using for T&M tickets, plus it will add the cost to your change order log so that you can effectively manage all extra work in the platform!

Here are a couple ways that you can use Request for Price:


Price work in RFP

Skip the field tracking and signatures and build your price in RFP using the same labor rates, material list & prices, and additional billing items that are in place for T&M Tracking.   It looks just like the change order requests that you send for T&M, promoting consistency throughout the company.  Plus, it adds the cost to the log so that you can manage all of your extra work costs in one place.  More detail on building a price in RFP here.


Log priced work in RFP 

If you priced some work with your estimating software, you can log it in RFP to send it in the same change order format as your T&M tickets, and add the cost to the log for accurate change order log management.  You can even attach your OST or any other documentation to be included with the change order request.  It is as simple as giving a description of work, entering the price and attaching the backup.  More detail on logging a price in RFP here