What if the GC asks for a copy of the signed ticket?

When a ticket is signed on the mobile, the signer will receive a copy of the signed ticket via email.


In the old (paper-based) days, when the superintendent signs a tag out in the field they would receive a copy of the triplicate form for their records.  When they sign on the mobile device, they will get a digital/PDF copy sent to their email.  Plus, the whole team will receive an email notification that the ticket was signed (unless you set your email preferences otherwise).  Let's walk through how a ticket is signed on the mobile:


  • On the signature screen of the mobile device, the signer's name and email is required  
  • If the signer is listed in the GC Project Team contacts, they can be selected from the dropdown
  • If the signer is not listed in the dropdown, their name & email can be added manually
  • Upon signing, the signer receives a confirmation email with a pdf of the signed ticker, AND an email notification is sent to the whole team that a ticket was signed

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