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Create a PO from a Field Material Request or Material Release

In this article you will learn two ways to start a Purchase Order from a Field Material Request (FMR) or Material Release.

Option 1: The first option is to start a New purchase order from the PO Processing tab and match it to the FMR or Material Release from the list for that project.

  • Navigate to Purchasing > PO Processing.
  • Click the PO Processing tab and click New. 

  • Select or enter the Job # from the dropdown.
  • Select the 2nd or 3rd option to Create PO from Field Material Request or Material Release.

  • Click Continue.
  •  Depending on your selection, all "Open" Material Releases or "Requested" FMRs, will be displayed for you to associate the PO with.

  • Make your selection and click Continue.
  • The Material Request or Release opens and you will need to update quantities in order to start the PO.  

  • To order all remaining quantities, across all displayed items, click Order All.  

  • You may maintain any or all Order Qty's once populated before proceeding.

Note: You can order up to the amount requested, but you cannot enter a value that would result in a (-) quantity.  You will be able to increase the quantity beyond the amount requested or add additional items to the order in the next step after the PO is created.

  • Click Create PO to continue.

The PO Order form is displayed.

  • Complete all necessary details in the Order header such as; Required by Date, Expected Delivery date, and any notes you wish to include.  

  • Verify the auto-populated shipping information and select or enter the appropriate vendor.

  • Verify the Order Qty and Price.  
  • You can now increase the order quantity to a value greater than on the original FMR.

  • To add additional items, select which material list to order from and use the green + 
mat list

  • Add attachments as needed and Apply File to save.
att apply file

  • You can either Save to exit the screen and issue the PO at a later time, or select Issue PO to proceed with sending the order to the Vendor.
  • If you selected Issue PO, select the PO format, enter the appropriate email addresses for the Vendor and the project team. 

  • Enter any additional details to include in the email and click Send to finalize the order.

  • The PO will appear in the PO Processing tab. 
  • If all items on the request were ordered, the FMR will move to the Completed Requests tab (as pictured below) or the Material Release will fall off the dashboard and be accessible with filters.
  • If any requested items remain to be ordered, the FMR remains in the Requests in Progress tab and the Status changes to In Progress, and the Material Release remains Open. 
completed fmr with po

Option 2: The second way to create e PO from an Field Material Request is to have the FMR or Release open and use the Create PO button within the form.  The following instruction shows the process for FMR and you can follow the process for Material Releases here.

  • Navigate to Purchasing > Requests in Progress and locate the FMR you wish to order from. Click on the status to open the request. 
fmr request ip
  • Adjust the Order Qty field as needed. You must have at least one item on the order to create the PO.

You can order less than requested but you cannot order more than requested during this step.  Once the PO is created you will be able to increase the quantity and add additional items if necessary.

fmr order qty

  • Scroll down and select Create PO to proceed.
fmr create po button

  • The new PO opens and you can make notes, select the Vendor and adjust items and quantities as outlined in the first step.

po from fmr

fmr po form

  • You can Save to save details and issue the PO later, or Issue PO to proceed with the order.

save or issue po

  • After making your selection, you will be taken back to the original FMR which is now updated with the PO# and quantities ordered. 

You can toggle views to see items ordered, any remaining items, or all items

updated fmr

  • If there are any remaining items you can create another PO, or you can Save and the FMR will stay in Requests in Progress tab with a Status of In Progress, and the Material Release will remain Open.