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Purchasing Dashboard

Learn how to view and process Field Material Requests and issue POs from the Purchasing dashboard.

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The Purchasing dashboard is where the PM can review material requests from the foreman, and create purchase orders from those requests - or start a PO from scratch.


Field Material Requests

The Purchasing > Field Material Request dashboard is where all open material requests are displayed. Depending on your permissions, you may only see requests for projects you are assigned to.  An FMR can be in one of the following steps:

  • Draft - the foreman has started a material request but has not been sent yet
  • Requested - the foreman has sent a material request to the office that has not been fulfilled
  • In Progress - sent to the office and PO has been issued but some of the requested items remain
  • Request Complete - all items on the original material request have been fulfilled and the request is closed

  • The Requests in Progress tab will display FMRs drafted, requested and in progress
  • The Completed Requests will show Request Complete

In both tabs, the blue indicator in the PO Issued column will display how many POs have been issued from this FMR.  If you hover over the blue indicator it will show you the PO#s for quick reference.



Purchase Orders

The Purchasing > PO Processing tab is where Purchase Orders are displayed. POs go through the following steps:

  • Entry - when a PO is created but not yet issued
  • Issued - a PO that has been sent to the vendor
  • Revision in Progress - a PO that has been issued and revised but not yet re-sent to the vendor
  • Issued with Revisions - a PO that has been revised and reissued


Filtering Information

There are advanced filters on the Field Material Request dashboard to allow you to locate and find exactly the information you need. 

  • The Requests In Progress tab will display all Field Material Requests drafted
  • The Field Material Request dashboard will display a list of all the requests and their status.


  • Click on the Filters Off button. When this button shows "Filters Off" it means no filters are applied. When this button shows "Filters On" it means filters are currently being applied.


  • Several filters can be applied in combination, and any set of filters can be saved and named so you can access them again as needed.


  • Some drop downs are checkbox lists. For example, you select one or more projects or one or more steps.
  • Click on Apply Filters to apply your selections to the tab and display the results.

  • If at any time you wish to start again, click on Clear Filters to clear all filters.

Saving Your View

  • Your filter selections can be saved and used again. Click on Save To My Views to save your selections.

  • Name your view and click Save.

  • Your new view will be saved and can be selected at any time from My Field Material Request Views. It can always be deleted by clicking the red delete button at any time.
  • Also, you can access it from the My Saved Views on the dashboard.