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Create a Purchase Order from Scratch

Learn how to create a Purchase Order from scratch.

Table of Contents


Start a New PO

  • From the PO Processing tab, click + New PO

  • Enter or Select the Job # from the Project dropdown and select the option titled Create PO from scratch.


PO Details

  • Switch projects if needed
  • Enter the Required by / Expected Delivery Dates
  • Add a Note whether internal or to display on the PO
  • Add a Reference whether internal or to display on the PO (This Reference will also display on the PO Processing dashboard & can be filtered)
  • All other information such as the PO# will be auto-generated upon saving

Shipping Information


Vendor Details

  • Select a Vendor (unless you will be sending the order for quotes) and edit their address if needed
  • Use the ($) icon if you wish to update items with the vendor's price (assuming you have added material to the PO and the selected vendor has a price list loaded in their profile)
  • Adjust the Tax Rate if needed
  • Indicate Payment Terms to display on the PO


Adding Material

  • First choose if you want to select items from the Company/Project List or the Selected Vendor List (this will pull in the corresponding pricing, if available)
  • Then click Add Items to add material to the order

  • Choose if you want to search the list by Group or by Text
  • Or use the Custom Item field to enter an unlisted item manually (this will not pull in any item details or pricing)


To search by Group, click to open the section: 
  • Set your preferences for Group 1, 2 & 3
  • Select an item from the list below


To search by Text, click to open the section:

  • Start typing in the Select Item field - you can search by item number or group name or any portion of the item description 
  • Select the item from the dropdown list of search results


  • Once an item is selected, enter a quantity and make any other adjustments needed to the unit or measurement. The PO Price will depend on the list you selected the item from (Company/Project or Vendor - see below about comparing vendor pricing).  You can also adjust the tax setting or add Notes.
  • If Cost Codes are Required, choose from the dropdown list or enter manually
  • Click Apply to add the item to the PO
  • Continue to search, select & "apply" items to build out your PO


  • As you "Apply" items they will drop to the full material list below
  • When you are finished adding items, Save changes and go back to the PO

    The PO will update with the added materials:

    • From here you update the Notes, Area, Quantity, Price, Factor & Tax Setting as needed
    • Use the Cog wheel to drill into an item to make additional adjustments
    • Use the red X to delete an item
    • Add additional items by selecting a list and clicking the Add Items button 
    • Compare Vendor Prices (assuming that you maintain vendor pricing in the platform, you can find detailed instructions here).



        Issue PO (and other options)

        • When you're finished just click Issue PO at the bottom right, you will be prompted to email the vendor 
        • You can also Save changes and issue later
        • Or you can Send the for Quote (read more here)


          When emailing the PO to the vendor:

          • You will be required to choose to show prices or not
          • The vendor contacts, project team & purchasing contacts will auto-populate
          • You can select/deselect and add people to the distribution as needed
          • Customize the outgoing email message if you like


            Back on the PO Processing dashboard, the PO will have a status of Issued which you can View or Copy.  You can also revise a PO, read more here.


            Don't forget that you can also filter and export data from the PO Processing dashboard! 

            po filter