What's the difference between Users & Employees?

Short answer: users will have login credentials while employees do not.



A company employee list is a list of workers used to populate eForms and T&M tickets. An "employee" does not have a user account of login or any permissions in the PeerAssist platform.



Users are registered by the Admin and will receive an email with login credentials.  Users are assigned a Role which is associated with various permissions in the platform such as setting up projects or pricing a ticket.  The User list will populate the Project Team Member dropdown when setting up a project.  

Users do not need to be on the company Employee List in order to be registered.


Adding Users via Employee List import 

  • You can add users individually in User Accounts
  • You can add employees individually in Admin > Employees
  • You can import a list of employees in Admin > Employees
  • You can import a list of users in Admin > Employees

Although Users and Employees are fundamentally different, if you wish to import a list of users via .xlsx import, you can do that in the Admin > Employee menu


Please review importing users via the employee list here.