How do I register new users?

The Account Admin can add new users in the User Accounts menu which will trigger a registration email to the new user with login credentials. Here are more helpful tips about registered users!


Users with Admin permissions have the ability to add new users.  If you aren't sure who the company admin is, contact support for assistance.


  • Read all about adding new users and the different roles & permissions here
  • Learn the difference between users and employees here
  • Click for more information about login and password help

Quick Review on Adding Users

  • Navigate to the User Accounts menu in the left margin
  • Click New to add a new user


  • Fill out the fields and be sure to indicate their Role (which dictates their permissions in the platform) as well as check the boxes for the modules they will have access to (more detail here)

new user

  • When you Save New User, a registration email will automatically be sent to them with their login information