How is Service Work tracked in the platform?

Learn about the different ticket types and how Service Work fits into the platform.


Service Work is tracked on a ticket the same as T&M, but it stays in the Service Work tab and doesn't get added to the change order log like contract work. 

  • Field Work tickets produce a change order request (and move to the Change Order Log tab)
  • Service Work tickets produce an invoice (and remain in the Service Work tab)

Service Work tickets have some unique statuses:

  • Invoice Issued - when the invoice is sent to the customer
  • Invoice Paid - change the status after receiving payment

Some tips in viewing costs:

  • To view outstanding invoices for a project, filter to the selected project &  Invoice Issued step 
  • Or, save a filter for the Invoice Issued step and use the search box to narrow down to the project
  • To produce a log of outstanding invoices, filter your view and then choose Export Excel
  • If you want to view costs for a project with items on the Change Order Log AND in Service Work, switch to the My Own View tab and pull up the project in the search box to view everything in the platform (then filter if you like)

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