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July 2023: Product Release

Exciting new option for "Field" forms, plus a simplified mobile experience, and a new email notification by popular demand.

Here's what new in the following modules:


PeerAssist Field: Customize dropdown lists to use on forms!  

Standardize responses to make filling out forms faster and easier than ever.  Mobile users can skip the keypad and choose a response from a dropdown.

This feature opens up a whole new world of options for your field documents: cost & task codes, performance & risk scale rating, and static lists of employees, customers, suppliers and more. 

  • Build the list in Admin > Custom Lists
  • To use the list on a form, choose "Select from list" as the Comment type, then specify the list in the Comment Source field. 

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T&M Improvements on the Mobile and Desktop

  • On the desktop, we've added an email notification to alert team members when a ticket moves out of Pricing and to the Waiting For Approval step.  This was user-requested and will be helpful when different people are pricing and sending Change Order Requests.

Reminder: email preferences can be configured for the company, project, or customer. 

  • On the mobile, we've removed some fields and screens to simplify the foreman's experience:
    • Group/Group Number/Group Description*
    • ROM Amount
    • Add T&M: Ticket Details screen

*Tickets can be grouped on the desktop view (read about grouping tickets here).

Old view: 



Formerly on the Ticket Details screen, the Premium Time setting has been relocated to the Labor screen. 

  • If no time has been added when Premium Time is marked Yes, then the user can only enter time in the OT or DBL rows. 
  • If time has already been added when PT is marked Yes, then the REG hours will automatically move to the OT row. 

marking PT=yes, confirming, and the reg hrs move to ot

If there are REG and OT hours before PT is marked 'Yes', and is then changed back to No, ALL hours will be put in the REG row and OT will need to be reallocated.

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