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Set up your account and projects to get started using the Project Management module.


Welcome to the PeerAssist platform! 

We want to get you up and running as quickly as possible. If you are a self-starter, this guide will review the set up process to familiarize you with the platform. 


First you may want to upload the company's logo which will appear on outgoing Change Order Requests, and configure the email to come from your company's domain (this is optional).

Next you should check your Account Settings to upload your signature and make sure your title is displayed correctly - both will appear on Change Order Requests.  You can also set your default view so that each time you login you land on the page of your choosing.

Before you set up your first project you will want to make sure the GC for the project is entered, and your internal Users are registered (typically the Foreman, PM & PE).  If you are uploading all of the company's customers or users at once you can download our template to upload a list.

Quickstart tip:  These are the only required steps to begin using T&M tracking

It is recommended that you do not add users until the company's User Roles and Permissions have been set up.


If you set up an employee/worker list and a master material list at the company level, it will allow your foreman to choose materials and employees from a list rather than key them in. If you include pricing on the material list, it will also make pricing tickets faster and easier on the office end. The company's material list will be the default for new projects, however you can also upload/customize a project-specific material list - see below.

      A master material and employee list is optional but recommended.  You can begin using T&M Tracking without them and come back to this step anytime.


      Now you will want to enter your company's labor rates, and review and adjust the T&M settings according to your preferences - this can all be done in the Workflows menu.  Default labor rates are optional but recommended - it will make pricing tickets quick and accurate. (You can also enter project-specific labor rates and T&M settings - see next step).

      The rates will not be visible to the field. 

      The rates are tied to the trade and class and not the employee's name.


        When you have your T&M dashboard set up to your company's liking, you can begin setting up projects for the field to start tracking extra work.  Basic project setup involves the general project info, internal users & GC contacts (typically the Superintendent who will be signing the ticket, and the PM that the Change Order Request will be addressed to).  


        It is not recommended that you do not start setting up projects until your company rates and OH&P preferences are set.

        As soon as your project is set up, you can begin creating tickets!